The Trio

On whistle is Mae McAllister who discovered that the ‘cello was frankly too big, and the trumpet frankly too rubbish, so she settled for the whistle instead. She is a composer, conductor and performer. In her spare time she’s definitely a criminal mastermind, but is also studying for a PhD in Physics. Some of her compositions for computer games may be found here.

On cello is Pip Ash, who was a classical ‘cellist, then had surgery to remove an unfortunately placed poker at the beginning of his university days. Now he enjoys improvisation despite not knowing anything about chord progressions, and saying “sorry” a lot. Known for occasionally turning up on time. In his spare time he studied Law before moving on to higher things.

On piano is Owen Woods, who was trained classically, receiving his CertGSMD in piano performance in 2007. He has performed in the Purcell Room on the South Bank, but is now playing folk music instead, much more fun. He also performs solo on melodeon and plays for ceilidhs, performance and theatre with a variety of different groups. In his spare time he sleeps, wakes up, decides that this was a bad idea, and goes back to bed. He once studied Engineering.